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Elderly Care Union NJ: Keeping Your Senior Connected

Elderly Care Union NJ: Keeping Your Senior Connected

Maintaining connections with both friends that she already knows and her greater community at large is a massive part of maintaining your senior’s mental health. These are just a few of the ways that you can help her to stay connected.

Encourage Her to Set up Events with Friends

Getting together with her friends doesn’t have to be complicated for your senior. Existing relationships are a lot easier to maintain than starting brand new relationships. A cup of coffee a couple of times a month can go a long way toward helping your senior to stay in touch with the people she values.

Explore How Social Media Might Help

Social media might not be something that your senior has been interested in up to now, but it can help her to stay in touch with the people she loves. Starting out with Facebook or Instagram and learning how to communicate on those platforms can bridge the gap between your senior and younger family members, too.

Consider Classes and Hobbies

Classes and hobbies give your senior something to do as well as people with whom she can interact. This can help her to feel productive and it keeps her brain active, which is all important stuff. Check with libraries, community colleges, and agencies that work with the elderly about courses that might be interesting to your elderly family member.

Look for Ways to Volunteer

Volunteering does a lot for your senior. First and foremost, it gives her a way to connect with her community and to give back in whatever way she’s able to do so. Next, it gives her a chance to be mentally and even physically active. It also allows her to meet new people that she might not have met in any other way. The best part is that these people likely share at least some of her interests.

Don’t Let Transportation Be a Hindrance

Your senior may not be able to drive safely any longer, but that shouldn’t keep her from going wherever she needs or wants to go. Elderly care providers are a great option when you’re looking for transportation help. They understand the needs your senior might have and they can help in a variety of ways that you might not have even considered.

Elderly care providers can help out with more than transportation, too. They’re great listeners and they can hang out with your senior and help with crafts, read books, or help her to run errands. Whatever she needs is most likely within the scope of what they can do for her.

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