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As a family caregiver, your priority is to help your parent live their best life. This means making challenging decisions for them and for their care. You may come to a point when you consider transitioning them out of their home and into yours to live with you and the rest of your family. This could have many benefits, but it is important to evaluate the situation and make the decision that is truly right for your loved one, for you, and for the rest of your family.


Some things to think about when considering moving your parent into your home include:


Senior Care Linden, NJ: Considering Moving Your Parent into your Home

Senior Care Linden, NJ: Considering Moving Your Parent into your Home

● What needs could you better fulfill if your parent was living with you? Would this make care easier for you, your parent, or both of you?
● Are there challenges your parent is facing that are made more difficult because for their current home environment? Is your home better suited to managing these needs and challenges?
● Is your home close enough to their medical team and other important resources?
● Does your home have enough space to properly accommodate your aging loved one? They should have a private bedroom as well as access to other features they can use in their daily life, such as recreational space
● Can your home be modified to manage potentially dangerous needs, such as cognitive functioning decline or major mobility problems?
● How might your parent moving in change the current dynamic with your children and partner?
● How can you ensure your family unit stays close while also welcoming your parent in?
● What will you do with the belongings that will not come from your parent’s home?
● What will happen to your parent’s home?
● How will your family manage finances now that your parent is sharing your home and resources?
● What role with senior care play in your parent’s continued care approach?


Even if your parent is still largely independent and only has mild to moderate needs, senior care can make a tremendous difference in their life, and in yours as their family caregiver. This type of care is not about taking over your parent’s life or controlling all aspects of it. Instead, a senior home care services provider is there to help your parent manage their needs effectively while also promoting independence and autonomy. Personalized services can include transportation, help with tasks around the house, medication reminders, mobility assistance, and more. These help your parent maximize their energy, take care of their health, and stay active and engaged as they age.


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